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03-15-2004, 12:41 AM
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first off, thanks to everyone for the info, i appreciate it for sure heh.. goin from TO to here is definately quite the change in scenery (although out there i'd just watch games at my place with a 24 of keiths or at one of my friends' place.. with a 24 of keiths)

jyroe: pm me or somethin when you're in town or whatever and we'll see what we can do (unfortunately i write 3 finals between the 7th and 14th so i maybe busy heh)

carbonneau: thankfully yes. although i could live w/ moosehead, but i did some reading one day and found out that keith's is distrubuted nationally by labatt's but microbrewed in halifax, so it should be, technically, available across the country. (i think moosehead is sold by molson or something like that)

habber: cool thanks for the info.. ive heard lots of stuff about the scuz but i havent gone there yet, although i will be goin to mcguire's on wednesday night for st. patty's day i'll have to find the copper mug, jt's and double deuce sometime lol.. louis' ive been to once, for the billy talent show.. i didnt really like that place (not related to the concert for the record because it was awesome lol) all that much but then again i spent some time at queen's and the 2 bars on campus that i went to there are incredible (QP more so)

tricolore: i pity you. going to jax jk, i have too much canuck (more so nova scotian) in me to live down south i think, i never was a fan of the weather or humidity but its where my folks call home and bein a poor university student, its home for me too (reluctantly)

and finally, last but certainly not the least.. lafontaine:
hmmm im in walking distance (sober and drunk) to boston's pizza, which is a big bonus lol, plus ive been to one before so that works, how much does beer cost there? (i cant remember.. its been a while)
but i definately will have to check that out because i definately prefer a place where i can drink and talk to folks about the game and stuff.. (usually happens after im fairly drunk since im a rather quiet guy when sober lol)

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