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03-15-2004, 06:14 AM
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Originally Posted by GBailey93
Why would you want to develop another young goalie with Esche here? You can't really develop 2 at a time.

And despite what the rest of the people on the board think, I still like the Burke trade. It gives us a veteran back up just in case something were to happen to Esche, and gives Esche the comfort level of knowing that his back up isn't out to get him.
I agree with you for the most part, except for the "veteran back up in case something were to happen to Esche" part.

If something happens to Esche, only luck will change the Flyers fate.

Most Burke haters have said before they would rather have a different guy lose for the Flyers than Burke (I'm paraphrasing), they SAY it wouldn't be as bad as KNOWING they'd lose with Burke. Of course that's all just talk and the theory will not be proven.

Burke is here for Esche's head, not for just in case, or as Melrose said to lead the Flyers to the promised land I like the trade solely for that reason, think Beezer and Boosh 2000.

Regardless of who is in net there will be 19 other players to share the blame. 18 (minus Kapanen) played VERY sloppy against the Pens and Burke couldn't make the big stops. That's 19 (minus Kapanen) players who didn't get it done yesterday.

Remember, backups rarely steal games

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