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03-15-2004, 07:03 AM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok
I just don't like statements like "If Vokoun was playing (like the best goaltender in the league), we'd be entreched in a playoff spot."
What's wrong with it? Is it not true? If Vokoun didn't let in softies (like last year) then wouldn't we be 'in the playoffs'? Our defense hasn't played well in front of Vokoun, but the bottom line is, you can't blame it all on defense. To do so is just wrong. While we do give up more scoring chances, Vokoun is also giving up many, many more long range shots and quite a bit more bad angle shots and quite a bit more weak wristers. How many games last year did you feel like saying 'man, Vokoun should have had that one'. And how many games this year have you found yourself saying that. Atleast twice as many.

And I give the goalie the least credit for anything around here, so I give Vokoun a lot less blame than most. A spectacular save is more a result of luck and bad positioning than anything skill could offer. I think a goalie is 90% positioning (i.e the puck just hits him), 5% luck (the puck finds the post or deflect wide or the shooter doesn't make his shot) and 5% skill (i.e. where the goalie actually has to move his glove before the puck hits it).

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