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09-19-2007, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by We'reGonnaWin View Post
You need to talk to the league about creating a division for just the 2-4's. Or just 3-4's.
I wish I could but you should see how good the "3's" are. The ratings are kind of screwed up in that you're rated according to your hockey experience. So if you've played Junior C you're automatically a "2". If you've only played travel hockey you're automatically a "3" and if you've played Junior B or above you're a "1".
But some of the "3's" in this league are phenomenal. Despite only playing travel for 15 years, there's some guys in this league who I think could have seriously played major Junior.

Originally Posted by Twist And Shout View Post
Don't get dissuaded. It does suck to be in a league where you consistently have to play at your best to be somewhat competent compared to others. Being a step behind everyone takes the fun of the game, so I'd suggest joining another league which has different divisions of play according to skill level. That way you could even be one of the better players on your team. Good luck.
That's what I think I'm going to have to do. I used to play in a league where the calibre was much lower to the point where I was a superstar. Hahaha. I really enjoyed the league.
But the times were horrendous and the rink was 45 minutes from my house. I already drive 2 hours each day for work I didn't want to add on another 1.5 hours in that day. I might have to suck it up, but being in my 30's and with 2 kids, by the time 9:00 rolls around, Hank's pretty tired.

Originally Posted by jdmef8vtec View Post
i dont know what position you play but you may want to move to defense, and beat them with your years off experience/hockey wisdom, play smarter hockey, its not always about how fast you are, but more about positioning and hockey sense
Hahaha! God bless you for assuming I have 'hockey wisdom'. I actually played D for a few games last year and I enjoyed it. I might try it again this year.

Originally Posted by LilWinger11 View Post
Even if you don't get on the ice between games, you can work on your cardiovascular fitness and flexibility/agility off-ice. The better shape you're in, the less fast I'd think the actual *skating* will seem (can't promise the game will seem slower!)
Hahaha! If you saw my workout schedule now, you'd see that if I wasn't doing what I'm doing, I'd be in a coffin after that first week. Besides running 8-10K 4 days a week, I lift weights 3 days a week as well as throwing in some time on the stationary bike and ellipticals.
I think the problem is I don't have 'hockey legs'. There's guys in my league that look like they couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without keeling over. But when they get on the ice, they're flying around and never seem to get winded. It comes from being on the ice several hours a week from the time they are 4 years old.
I can do all the squats, deadlifts, presses or lunges my heart desires, but skating is different than all of those, and it hits muscles in a totally different way.
Another advantage they have is that they know how to skate properly. Now, I know how to skate, but these guys, through years of skating, don't take a 'wasted' stride.
Experienced skaters or hockey players know how to turn, cut short, cycle, etc. I know I'm not explaining it quite right, but they make sure to not waste any movement out there and it saves their legs from getting worn out over the course of a game.
While I'm wasting time making cuts and stops and starts in either zone, their years of experience have taught them when all those things are necessary. Where I might make a quick stop and then try to back up in the crease thinking there'll be a rebound, their experience will tell them, the pucks not going there, it'll be there, so instead of them wasting energy stopping and starting, they'll make a slow turn and come around to an area where the puck will eventually be for a scoring chance. So while I'll have just sent my legs on fire with all the churning, stopping and starting, they'll have made an easy arc and gotten far greater results out of it.
I hope I explained all that right.

Originally Posted by newfish View Post
That league sounds fun.
The league really is fun and it's a high level of skill which I don't mind to make me better.
But it sucks going out each week knowing that the most you can do is dump the puck, make a few defensive plays and hope that you touch the puck a handful of times over 60 minutes.
It's no fun being a non-factor and not really getting any better while doing it.

I'm going to have to find another league. It just sucks when you realise that YOU suck.
Oh well, at least I'm a star on the pond with my 4 year old. Hahaha.

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