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09-19-2007, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I would give it a few games (season?) and if not, see about a different league. If you're just getting left out in the cold every game, it's not going to be much fun. But maybe that particular team was really good? What kind of experience do you have compared to the average player?
I'm hoping that particular team was just that good. I asked a buddy of mine who plays on another team and he also felt the pace was a lot faster than years past.

XweekendwarriorX, I'm going to take your advice and ask some of the guys, but in a beer league, I shouldn't have to worry about screwing up or making the 'right' play all the time as it should be fun and we should all get the chance to be an "Yzerman" on every shift. Instead, I find myself trying not to make mistakes and just do the safe move everytime. What kid grows up pretending to be a 4th line dump and chase player? I don't think it's any different when you get older and join leagues for fun. I want to be able to try some moves out there and experiment with some things but the game is just so quick and all the guys take it very seriously. I feel like I'm letting down 14 other strangers.

Jarick, I don't have much experience. I didn't start playing hockey or skating until I was 13. I joined a houseleague team half way through that year and then played 2 more years of houseleague after that. From 15 and on, I've only played in pickup games and a handful of beer leagues.
I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but I think I'm halfway decent for the little amount of organized hockey I've played. I've even had some guys I played with in other leagues ask me what travel team's I've played on as a kid. But I'm not nearly good enough for a league where the average player has put in 15+ years of travel service and can skate like any normal person walks and breathes.

Basically I started this thread to vent a bit and I'm happy I was able to do that.
I wish I was better but at my extended age of 33 and married with 2 kids, getting better isn't easy when you don't have time to practice your game.
I'm just hoping I can find an easy going league suitable for my skills.

Thanks for all the advice and thanks for letting me complain. I wish you all hattricks in your next outings.

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