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03-15-2004, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
Not for anything but everyone is focusing on Umberger like he tried to hold the Canucks hostage when in fact it was Burke who tried getting cutsey with the kid because he knew he couldnt go back to college.

If anything Burke suckered him into holding out by suddenly backing away when he knew the kid shot his college eligibility by hiring an agent to talk to them.

But then again this is the man who in the past month has sounded off like a moron about everything from "I'm a lameduck GM" to "The penalty to Bertuzzi was too stiff".

I've met the guy, never liked the guy and probably never will. He's a jerk. Funniest part is {and i know this has been mentioned before} how HARD he tries to make everyone believe he is from Canada. When you talk to the guy, he tries to put on a little accent, he tries to spin his background a little.

He's a smart GM, but he's not necessarily respected by his peers like someone with his resume should be.
that attitude reminds me of sather... condescending f'in ***** i cant stand his smug looks and arrogant talk.. guy is a puss and proved it when he went on a radio show in bc talking crap about the nyr faithful.. ive always tried to be respectful to certain FO people when i have crossed paths with them (s phillips and s layden) but sather is one guy i will love nothing more then to tell him how i feel to his face...

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