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We are having this issue right now in a 35+ league. The first season it was four teams and the league supplied the jerseys - but they became the players and were paid for as part of the league fee.

There were two good teams and two really bad ones. In the interest of competitive balance, players were reshuffled in a draft. Some players remained, others changed teams. Several left the league (jerseys gone) and were replaced by newcomers (no jersey).

Red, White, Light Blue, and Black. One of the nice things about the league is that it didn't have a cheap beer league feel. Helmets, gloves, socks, and breezers may not match, but everyone had the same sweater.

Now guys that wound up on different teams may not have purchased the needed color. So they show up with a similar color. (One guy that can't skate well is wearing orange to play on the red team. I want to scream, "PYLON!" everytime I go around him.) Our league doesn't look as good as the first season.

I loaned my Red to a player last week and told him to bring it back this week clean. Did he? No. He wore it. And he wasn't going to give it back until I went in the locker room and asked.

I don't have all the answers; you can see we have some problems. I think the guy at the rink should have done things differently, but now that we are in this pickle it is hard to solve. Jerseys are cheapies, but some still don't want to part with $25 to get a match when they have a white or blue already and have paid as much as others. We didn't have control over which team we ended up on after the re-draft.

My ideas for you:
1) Estimate a useful life for the jerseys (four years?) and have SOMEONE (may not be you) front the dough and have the players pay 'rent' to pay them off by the time they depreciate. After their useful life they will go to the player. $10 a season for 4 years is $40, it could be $80 or $120 if you have multiple seasons per year. Granted, this isn't perfect because someone is out the upfront money.
2) Follow the advice above and have the jersey be the property of the player and figure out how a new player would get a sufficient match. If the jersey is like the Canucks and they radically change the look every few years you are SOL.

I like the penalty-fine idea, but it isn't clear who will own the jerseys. It may work to defray the cost. Of course, your most penalty-prone player may not like it!

Good luck.

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