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03-15-2004, 02:44 PM
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There is no offensive freedom in chicago.

I think its a wash in actual performance. But put Morrow on the hawks, his numbers go down(his +/- definately does) put Bell on the stars, and he's putting up better numbers, period.

Bell played most of this year on a line with Scott Nichol/Travis Moen. He now plays with Nichol and Nicholas mostly(although has been in and out of different scrub lines the last week or so).

I'm not dogging Morrow- but to say "morrow easily" is just simply not accurate. He plays on a far superior team and barely outscores Bell. Bell is everybit as tough as morrow, and is as good in the locker room as a kid can be. Now add in the age difference, and the size differene which both favor bell- and I think you have to admit that its pretty close... What exactly does Morrow "have" on Bell? Not Size. Not Grit. Not Age. 3 goals, a better +/-... oh and Modano, Lehtinen(didn't he have like a lot of goals last year...?), Guerin, Arnott, Zubov....etc etc etc...


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