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03-15-2004, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by gg
Hey, I don't want to rain on our parade here. The fact is I believe that last 2 weeks trades were necessary. But in our excitement over who we got, let's remember that Slats had these guys in our system and he was wrong on them. Wrong big time. I don't think Zidlicky played here but he was in camp with us I believe. And Ekman DID play here. He gave up Ekman for Chad Wiseman. Holy friggin' *****. How do you do that? And still come to work and cash a paycheck? And while the Dunham for Zidlicky and Kloucek trade may (MAY!!) have been defensible initially, it surely isn't now. Zidlicky was our Zubov of this decade. Ekman was a defensive forward with offensive upside. Hell, he'd have been our second leading scorer this year. And for all the money spent on a PP QB, Zidlicky would have done it better (far better) than what we've had at a 1/4 the price.

What does all this mean? Maybe nothing. But it could mean that SLats has no clue as to how to evaluate young guys even when it's at its easiest (when they are in the damn system). And so to me, chances are we got far from what we could have gotten in the trades we made. Did we get nothing? I sure hope not. But the guy may have painted an old house but not changed anything else. And bought himself another few years.
Well, the Dunham trade was understandable at the time - and hindsight is 20/20. Zidlicky is no Zubov - he cannot play 5/5 hockey at this point and is a massive defensive liability. If you want to dress a player to only play the PP, then he's your guy. Ekman wasn't going to play in Broadway this year (Who on the roster this season would you have benched for him? Remember, Hlavac had a lot of supporters coming into the year.

The fact is though, that Sather brought both Zidlicky and Ekman into the organization, which is what he doing now with the deadline deals.

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