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09-21-2007, 12:34 AM
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This thread is somewhat old, but just became re-relevant (if that word exists) when I was doing some research on how much HD NHL games that Dish Network will have this coming. I was thrown for a loop when I found that Dish might not have Center Ice at all this year. Apparently they are still negotiating (that in the words of Echostar CEO Charlie Ergen). Here's a thread detailing everything that's known about the situation:

If you don't want to read the entire 18 pages of that thread, here's a summary:
Customer Service reps tell those who have called that it's not available for customers to order.Those who email get told that a deal is close and they expect it to be finalized soon. Dish Network has made space for 16 NHL HD channels on two of their satellites. 16!!!! ZOWIIEEE!!! Plus, the NHL Network in HD. But that doesn't mean jack**** if they don't come to an agreement, and the start of the actual regular season (excluding the UK games that are on HDNet and Versus) is only 12 days away. If Dish isn't showing Center Ice this season, wellllllll....Directv has a new subscriber

There's an HFBoards thread about it as well:

Reading up on this subject in various places, it seems that not every cable system has come to an agreement for CI this year either

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