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09-21-2007, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by BikeGiftingMan View Post
The only year I've played in an ice hockey league, we were supposed to have an A, a B-C, and a D league. Three separate leagues, depending on skill level. We were a D league team intentionally, just looking to have fun and mess around, since most of use either could never afford to play [me] or were over 50 and slowing way down due to immense beer bellies. The D league was supposed to have 4 teams; 2 folded right before we started the season. So, our wonderful D League team was stuck against mostly B leaguers. It was pretty, especially since every B-C league team was allowed 1 A leaguer, and every B-C team had been together for AT LEAST 10 years.

Wow, what a nightmare.
Yikes! That would be a nightmare.

I wish our league could do that too, but there's simply not enough icetime in our area. I tried to book some ice for the beginning of September at a 2-pad facility but every hour of ice was already booked. Between junior and travel tryouts, there was no time left over.

I swear, if I can scrounge together $10,000 somehow, I'm going to buy my own rink using Custom Rinks. Then I'll never have to worry about icetime again. And I can dominate all the 10-year olds in my neighbourhood and feel like a superstar.

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