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09-21-2007, 10:48 AM
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A lot of similar thoughts but here are some impressions from last night:


Franson: I finally saw the light last night. He handled the puck really well, was calm, showed a physical side and moved well. He looked a lot more like a Weber than I've ever seen.

Sulzer: In addition to the goal, I thought he was very solid after finding his footing. This also was a bit of a revelation-- I think he can contribute for the Ads. He moved much better than I expected.

Thurreson: He seemed to have a good nose for the puck and for proper positioning. Nothing spectacular but a very solid game.

Ellison and Langfeld: Better than I expected-- both were solidly ok. They could be a solid callup for Fiddler/Tootoo/Nichols/Smithson injury. As someone mentioned, probably a Ramzi Abid type callup but more grind from both. Both were active and were decent on the forecheck I thought.

Santorelli hustled but had one of the worst games of the group. Ditto for O'Reilly. Not really a knock on them long-term but they just looked the most like youngsters out there.

The Regulars-- as someone said, its hard to judge since the competition was not stellar. Just a few observations:

Fiddler: Maybe there is a reason Trotz coaches this team instead of me. He had a solid game and didn't seem out of place.

Suter: Great game. Very excited about his potential for the year.

Hamhuis: Very good game. He had a few errors but seemed very poised and played a mature game.

Bonk/Gelinas: This was a brilliant combo from David Poile. If Sully can get back and our Top 6 remain healthy, these two will be the core of a very good, very versatile 3rd line. I really liked what I saw.

Tootoo: Not much to say but I thought he was playing more than looking for the big hit. Clearly from his play and the Trotz quotes, he will need to find success beyond his past role. I still think he has a chance at succeeding but I wouldn't bet the house on it.

Arnott: Played with real fire-- I think giving him the "C" may be a bigger deal than I realized. He played like he wanted to be the man.

DeVries: I can see why he played on Atlanta's D last year-- he would have looked more at home among the big, slow, mediocre passing guys on the other end of the ice. Hopefully this is more that he seems that way by comparison to the rest of our D than because he really is that way.

Mason/Rhinne: I thought both looked good. I had forgotten just how much Mason uses the "safe" rebound-- it can be hard to watch at times. Pekka looked much, much better than the limited time I saw in practices. He is a big presence and moved well. He handled the puck pretty well for a guy that I think isn't a particularly great puck handler.

Most disappointing moment: I really wanted to see Antii Philstrom in the game to better judge where he is at.

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