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03-15-2004, 08:04 PM
Jacques Strappe
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It is my belief that it is the job of the TSN's, the Don Cherry's, the Glen Healy's of the world to massage the disillusioned egos of the Maple Leafs and their hoards of cup hungry fans.
And might I add they do a wonderful job. What self respecting Leaf fan couldn't help but give in to visions of grandeur after listening, watching, reading all of this pro-Leaf rhetoric.

What they perhaps don't know is what a wonderful job they ACTUALLY do for us 'non-Leaf' fans - Habs, Sens, Nucks, B's, whoever you choose to cheer for. All of this one-sided, scintillatingly biased reporting takes all pressure off of EVERY team but the Leafs.

Other teams that meet the Leafs can just go in with the thoughts of (in a ho-hum attitude) "Well, we're playing immortal hockey gods obviously, so we might as well just play our hardest and see what happens."

The Leafs go into it thinking, "We rock! We should probably be in some other elite league far above the bottom feeders and slugs of the hockey world - that we have to endure skating on the same ice surface as them is really wrong and a shame our fans have to watch such lopsided trouncings night after night..."

So what happens? We all know what happens. Leafs lose. Other teams win. T.O. loving media watches through their rose coloured glasses and keep the vicious circle revolving....and when it's all over they will probably be pondering how a team that climbed the power rankings to #1 by the end of the season after being as low as # 12 only a few short weeks ago lost in the first round to the Habs (or insert whatever team you like here), who couldn't manage to scrape their way higher than #13???

MORALE OF THE STORY: Who gives a rat's a$$ what TSN thinks! WE KNOW where the Habs rank. We know how they can play a full game. We know they have the ability to win the close games. And we know they have what it takes to down the Leafs.
Sorry for the ranting. Out.

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