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Originally Posted by Seph View Post
Old thread, new question -- What's the deal with 2way contracts and waivers? I've heard a lot of people say that they have an effect on a players waivers eligibility, possibly based on the AHL salary in the 2way contract. But I have found nothing in the CBA to support this. Is it a myth, or is there some way based on the contract that you can skip waivers when sending someone to the AHL who otherwise isn't waiver exempt?
Two-way contracts do not have any effects on regular waivers when sending a player down. They do have an effect on Re-Entry Waivers (sort of).

Players earning a salary above a certain threshold ($100K for '07-'08) in the AHL are subject to Re-Entry waivers if recalled to the NHL(*). All players on One-Way deals are obviously over this threshold. Players on two-way deals may or may not be, depending upon their two-way AHL salary.

(*) There is an exemption for minor league veteran players - players with 320 (180 for goalies) professional games and not more than 40 / 80 NHL games played over the last year / two years.

See CBA Article 50.9(g) for the gory details on Re-Entry waivers.

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