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03-15-2004, 09:09 PM
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I am very sceptical about the positional vertigo claim. It sounds like an excuse for his terrible play. Vague symptoms, obscure condition, completely medically unverifiable.

Anyway, my point is that Clarke constantly seeks safety in his goaltending, rather than trusting his young propects. Even Esche was merely considered a solid back up when we traded for him (which is why we got him so cheaply).

After the season Malek had in te Czech republic last year, he should have been given a shot at the NHL level. So what if it was a one way prospect. We signed a sucky veteran for more money to a one way contract. To me the choice between a superstar potential youngster, who has smashed most of his leagues records (including those set by Hasek and Cechmanek), and a 30 something year old who has proven himself to be consistently mediocre throught his career is a no brainer.

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