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09-21-2007, 11:43 PM
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sigh.. what a heartbreaker, another unbeaten preseason down the toilet..

...had trouble generating any offense out there tonight with that lineup, and who would have thought any different?

...when you only ice one scoring line against a smart team, it isn't like it is on NHL 2008.. a smart defensive team simply tries to play keepaway when that one dangerous line is on ice, kill the clock, and burn up 30-45 seconds trying to hold the puck.. simply "icing" that one scoring line.. that's what happened tonight with the only scoring threats on one line for us, and probably why late you see trotz figure out we had to bust that group up (too late to make any difference in a game like this one)

...which is also why a team HAS to have two lines that are real threats, because one can be so easily neutralized, notice erat-legwand-radulov got our first three scoring chances, and afterwards the canes simply grinded the puck when they were on ice

...hard to make heads or tails from the broadcast, as we have tv announcers calling radio games.. went one 1:00 stretch of one pp, without describing one single thing that happened on ice or even who was out there.. pete drives me nuts on radio only thing listening tonight was the whole "who's in net? ellis or rinne?" abbott and costello routine in the first.. pete once even called ellis wilson describing "wilson" stopping the breakaway.. downright funny stuff actually, and i needed a laugh listening to this

...personally i expect many games this year with low shot totals, because i fully expect the style of game we play to strive to do just that.. which in turn is going to mean a lot of 2-2 and 3-2 games late in the third.. i'm mentally prepaing myself for us to be the heartattack kids

...we do everything but put the puck on a tee for tootoo to try to get him to show some offensive ability, trying to put him in every possible situation to show anything offensively, barring a miracle, i just don't see it happening

well, at least we evidently didn't get anyone hurt

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