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09-22-2007, 12:26 AM
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Originally Posted by javorka View Post
Sorry, but I gotta gripe here for a minute - if you're old enough to buy beer after the game (assuming you +18 ) then you should be able to pay for your own jersey - leave the sponsorship money for minor hockey teams who really need it. I don't operate a retail business, but I know the places around here are approached over and over again for sponsorship, and eventually they have to say no. And I sure don't agree with approaching "random" pro shops. If you don't support the business regularly I don't see how it's right to ask them to donate money to you. Sorry, but it's just MHO.
It's just my area then. (21+ in U.S. btw)

The local minor hockey teams here are very well funded. It's the 'beer league' teams that tend to get the sponsorship. By saying random I didn't litterly mean running around pro shop to pro shop. I meant it in the sense that teams had sponsorships to places I never even heard of. I phrased it poorly.

But assuming you're not just hunting for a bargain, and the place is willing to sponsor you, I don't see the big deal. If they don't want to they don't have to.

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