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03-15-2004, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by nyr7andcounting
Why would Sather signing him right away make Burke/Canucks look bad? And if Sather waited 2 weeks, how would that help?

It doesn't make much sense that waiting to sign Umberger would prevent this from becoming a precedent for prospects who hold out and then get signed by a bigger market. If the Rangers do sign Umberger people aren't going to remember when they signed him or how long it took, rather that it happened. Future prospects holding out will still see being traded to a big market an option, wether or not Umberger is signed quickly.

I honestly think that if Umberger did say in the middle of last week that he expects a deal to be done in the next few days, which obviously it hasn't, that Sather might not sign him at all. Everything points to Sather loading up picks in order to trade up in the draft this year, as 4 or 5 2nd rounders this year doesn't do a team much good in a weak draft. Sather might actually be stupid enough to want the 46th overall pick(which we would get as compensation for not signing Umberger) instead of Umberger because the pick may have more value to a team like Pitt who wouldn't be able to sign Umberger if they traded for him in a deal where the Rangers moved up to the 1st overall spot.

If Sather ends up taking compensation instead of signing Umberger, and uses the pick in a deal to Pitt then I don't blame him. This would be a smart move ONLY if Sather is already sure that he can make a deal with Pitt. Otherwise we are going to lose a solid player and get nothing but **** back with a mid 2nd rounder.
Why would we need the Umberger pick to make a deal with Pittsburgh? We already have 4 2nd round picks (FLA's from COL, Leetch's comp pick from EDM, MON's, and our own). Three of those picks look like they'll be better than the 46th overall pick. And I can damn near guarantee you that Umberger is a better prospect than anyone available at the 46th spot. No matter how you look at it, losing Umberger for the 2nd would be just a dumb move on Sather's part.

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