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09-23-2007, 05:45 AM
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Originally Posted by shortcat1 View Post
i understand a fair amount about computers but i don't understand what you're talking about here...

what is vlc? what does CTRL+N do? what is the htttp address lead to? etc...

thanks for the clarification

by the way, my sopcast works very well... i got to see some stuff from all over the world
i can answer one question definitely..
vlc player is a media player like windows media, etc but its small and is capable of handling most codecs, media types out there. Prior to getting vlc i always used "media player classic" but vlc is much better i find it handles everything i throw at it in terms of videos and what not.. i also believe vlc is open source

as for ctrl-n, if my memory serves me correctly thats just the windows default hotkey for "new" but dont quote me on that one haha, so in terms of vlc it'd open a new location

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