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09-23-2007, 02:05 PM
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I've played inline hockey outdoors exclusively for the last 15 years or so....

I swear by this blade:

Koho Ultimate 2100 It's only $16.99... Order them in bulk and you can qualify for free shipping... The blade never breaks on me and it's an ABS blade so it wears down much slower then non-ABS blades..

In terms of wheels... I'm not sure what to recommend... I play on asphault as well and my blades and wheels have taken a beating this summer... I think it has a lot to do with the heat as the heat will soften up your wheels and cause them to wear down much faster then in the winter when everything is cold and more dense...

I previously only used Hyper NHL Pro 250 outdoor wheels but I'm currently using Labeda Asphaul Gripper wheels and they are holding up pretty well...

Labeda Asphault Gripper

I wouldn't get too concerned over the price of replacement wheels/blades... After all, inline hockey is MUCH more affordable then ice hockey....

For a stick, I use 2 Easton Ultralite shafts...

Easton Ultra Lite (regular) Mine is orange-ish looking because it's much older

Easton Ultra Lite Grip (currently my primary stick that i use)

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