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03-16-2004, 03:35 AM
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Habs Trivia!!!!!

Let's See who gets them all first!
The winner gets absolutely nothing.

1. Who is the youngest player ever to be drafted by the Canadiens ?

2. Name 3 players on the current roster who have played for at least 3 other teams .

3. Who was the last Player to score 50 goals in one season for the Habs

4. Which Team was the last team to win the Stanley cup in the Forum ?

5 . Which Player scored a goal after having switched his stick over to the off-side

6. Who is Doug Gilmour's Idle ? ( a Dman and not a Hab)

7. Name 7 Quebecois Goalies who have played for the Habs

8. A)Who scored the fastest goal (by a HAB) after a face-off in the playoffs ?
B) Against what team ?

9. Name the 4 streets that the Forum (not Bell Centre) is located on .

10 . Who was the last player to score a Hat trick in a playoff game for the Habs ?

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