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03-16-2004, 06:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Nash13
But thats not the question though. Its who is the best rookie this year, not the best player 5 years down the road, and even then we still we don't know for sure. Maybe Ryder falls off the map, maybe he lights it up and scores 90 points, maybe Horton and Staal don't quite ever reach the "next level." The point is, who knows what the future holds.

We are talking today, Ryder leads all rookies, therefore why can't people vote him as best rookie?
The question is: "if they were all Free Agents and your team had the 1st pick and *pretending* your team had no glaring weakness so position didn't matter at all, which one would you take?"

The point is it's not a Calder vote...if it was, it would be Raycroft and Ryder no question.

If I could pick one for my team, I pick Pitkanen, then Staal, then Zherdev, then Horton, then Hamhuis, then Raycroft, then Ruutu, then maybe I think about Ryder.