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09-24-2007, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
I'm not saying he's going to slump and go Arkhipov on us. However, to automatically pin him for 35-50 goals is a bit much. Obviously he has alot going in his favor. He's going to get a full season (barring injury) up with the big club, hopefully more ice time (you never know with Trotz.....), hopefully more PP time, more consistent linemates (well somewhat, there is the Trotz factor, but he should be playing with Legwand and Erat and not Tootoo...), and hopefully natural growth as a player (more experience, rounding out game). However, there are also question marks there as well, can he handle now being focused on? Can he handle new pressures? Can he continue to grow his game?

I myself would probably answer yes to those last questions just based on what we've seen from him, but he still needs to answer them this year. I think if people were to look back over some of my previous posts, they'd see that I'm a huge Radulov supporter and fan. However, lets not rush into the assumption that he's going to put up big time points right away.

He is something that we really haven't had before though and will be a special player in my opinion.

(And yes, Radulov was fantastic in the playoffs. Well, until his suspension...) I know its pretty much impossible, but I would have loved to see us convince Hornqvist to stay, sign Forsberg and put them together with Radulov just to see what comes out of that line... Although thats a bit of a NHL 0whatever line, lol.
Don't get me wrong, I understand your reasoning, and it is hard not to agree with you. I just feel Radulov is not going to follow the typical Trotzian offensive player pathway - he is simply too good. His talent is unquestionable. The one knock I think most of us had on him last year was his poor skating. After the Forsberg acqusition, his skating and strength on his skates completely changed. For that reason, I am a believer that he will hit 30+ goals this year. If he can stay strong on his skates and play as he did down the stretch, he can be a dominant player in this league. I believe he has taken that step. Will their be slumps? Yes. Will their be extremely high expectations? Yes. Will he excel? I truly believe he will.

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