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09-24-2007, 02:06 PM
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One of my big pet peeves, if I may piggyback your thread, is the players who are obviously too good to be playing in a lower division. This summer I played in a division 7 men's league. For the most part our team was very evenly matched up against the other teams, except for 1 guy. There is always that 1 guy on each team who can skate circles around the other team. Why in the hell are these people playing at this level? Just to be with friends? It's really annoying when an otherwise fun, intense, even matched game gets wrecked by some guy who dances around everyone, gets a hat trick, then plays D for the rest of the game. There was one guy in the league who had double the points of the 2nd place point getter, who in turn had double the points of the next.

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