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03-16-2004, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by HABitude
Why this member is banned?
His humour was some kind of funny, he wasn't nasty with any other member, has never insulted anyone. I think that his style of humour was refreshing, maybe not the best taste for everyone but those who doesn't like just have to skip. The reason of his bannissement seems to be his style of humour, I feel it's quite unfair.

I suggest to let him back here with special conditions (kind of réinsertion sociale conditions, lol), I guess that ask him to post more pertinent/serious posts would be fine.

Anybody with me on that?
Sometimes he was funny but recently, he was posting stupid comments in French in every new thread. It was annoying. He probably needed some friends or something.

Crisse ceux qui viennent ici pour attirer l'attention et se trouver drôle, allez prendre l'air, faites vous des amis, mais arrêtez de polluer les forums !

Good decision IMO.

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