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09-24-2007, 06:42 PM
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There's a player in my league who used to be on my team, he got a 3 game suspension when I was with him for mouthing at the ref. We never picked him again. Later in my career, we play him again, and he always goes all out against my team because I chewed him out bad for what he did (he's really good too). Anyways, one of my mates, smartest player I've seen in my career, hip checks him and gets him a penalty for roughing. Hilarious. Needless to say we get him riled up easily. Last year, he scored a goal against us and being who he is, goes nuts and skates into the boards...ended up with a broken leg in 3 places. His showboating cost him a baseball scholarship to the US and he hasn't played hockey since then except once in the playoffs last year when his team really needed him. All these schmucks who think they are hot stuff get their come-uppins, I just kick back and wait till they make ***** of themselves and get a good chuckle.

On a kind of disturbing note, I used to timekeep for younger kids. Last year there was this kid who got a 10 minute misconduct for unsportsmanlike conduct (mouthing at the ref). With less than 10 minutes to go, that's an auto-ejection. Of course the ref didn't tell him, so he goes into the box for a while. I finally tell him what happened, so he takes his stick (easily 200$) cracks it over the boards, storms off and whips both pieces over the glass at the refs. Got a huge suspension for that stunt. Sad part is, he was 10 and in the lowest level of house league hockey.

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