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03-16-2004, 12:34 PM
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Name: Collins
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Location: Washington, DC
Occupation: Foreign Military Translator
Favoite Music Artist(s): So many don't even know where to begin
Favorite TV show: 24, Simpsons, Conan O'Brien, Dave Chappelle Show
Favorite Book(s) or Author(s): Anything by Vonnegut, Michener or James Clavelle
Favorite Av: Foppa
Favorite ex-Av: tie between Chris Drury and Mike Ricci
Favorite non-Av: Jagr
Next or other favorite team: Toronto, because they play hard and hit
How else is hockey in your life?: Whenver I can get on the ice I am there
Favorite Av moment: First Stanley Cup when Krupp hit that shot from the point, what a great beginning.
How and when did you become an Av fan?: Since they traded for Forsberg

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