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Originally Posted by lotus View Post
There was this kid in a league I played in not too long ago who had one move, a simple toe drag. Every time he managed to beat some scrub with it he would say something real loud like 'nope, sorry!' or 'whoopsie!', or 'uh oh!!!' in a really whiny nerdy voice.

Anyway, the fifth and final time we played that team I was so fed up with it I kind of snapped, which I almost never do but when people cant stop talking out there like theyre hot ****, it really gets me goin. So i pushed the puck through his legs off the faceoff and proceded to go around him for what would have been a breakaway given the two traffic cones on D, when my ankle gets slashed out.

I went down and he skated by me saying 'oops, sorry' i hacked out the back of his legs taking him to the ice.

For some reason he got a penalty and i got off scott free! Which is why I can look back on it and laugh. But I still regret retaliating with my stick =\
hah, it happens.

I remember last season, i stole the puck along the boards and his stick got stuck and it cracked. I went to skate past him and said, "drop your stick" but he either didn't care, or didn't know he had broken his stick because he kept stick checking me, so i slammed my stick on top of his, breaking it in half....

needless to say, he wasn't happy.

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