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03-16-2004, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by nuckfan in TO
this is simply hillarious to me....

when Weinrich can say things like:


there is no backlash on it... no one even questions this, or says that Weinrich is wrong and Bertuzzi is really a bad person etc...

but when Canuck fans come out to say similar things - and they have, right from saying what Bertuzzi did was wrong, that they - canuck fans themselves - believe that the punishment was just, and that they hope for a quick recovery for Moore, most other fans will jump on them and say they're being apologetic for Bertuzzi and the only reason they want Moore to recover is so Bertuzzi doesn't get further punishment...

seriously I find it really funny reading a thread like this and seeing what a "class act" Weinrich is for saying the same things that Canuck fans are being villified for.
I think you are off the mark here. Nuck fans are not villified for the Bertuzzi incident. The only ones who are been villified are the donkeys who minimize the incident, justify the incident or whine & complain about the punishment being unjust.

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