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Originally Posted by Ti-girl View Post
I was playing on a guys team and they had one guy that couldn't take the fact that I was a girl. He was just a jerk and would skate by and each time say something along the lines of "can I have your number?" "Can we share a dressing room?" that sort of thing. He also thought it was funny to give a few elbows to the head or make attempts to.

I finally got fed up and went to my best buddy (who was playing RD, I was playing left) and went "Teeg, switch me sides for the next shift." He shrugged and we switched. We were in their zone and I yelled at him to pass me a one timer. The mouthy guy went down to block my shot and it caught him in the cup...or where the cup SHOULD have been.

I still laugh. He made some sort of deflating sound and fell over. I skated past him and asked him to call me when his balls dropped.
Not saying the guy was right for saying what he said or doing what he did. But, it's easy to do what you did when you know you won't have to answer for it. A guy intentionally puts a slapper to my boys cup or no cup he's in a dentist chair later that night. A girl on the other hand, well that's different.

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