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Originally Posted by windflare View Post

Hyper Pros 250s are good. 150s aren't bad. Rink Rat World Cups are good. Red Star Rocket 86A wheels are okay. Use these for outdoors - the Hyper Pro 250s and/or Rink Rats are probably your best bet if price is not an object. Go with the 150s if price is an object, you can pick them up at HockeyGiant/HockeyMonkey/Inlinewarehouse for 3.99 per.

ABS blades. Easton makes one, TPS makes one, Koho makes one, practically everybody makes one. Try those out. Don't use composite blades on asphalt - it is amazing how many people actually take composite blades or even OPS's to asphalt courts and play with them. It makes me want to barf.

Another option - if you have a source for cheap wood blades, go with those. Just replace them every now and then. They will definitely give you a better shot than an ABS on a ProPuck, as the ABS is not ideal for puck play (soft).

As for the pattern, there are tons out there. Easton ABS blades have many patterns, and some you should try are the Sakic and Forsberg, easily found at LHSs. For Nike Bauer ABS blades, give the Naslund or St.Louis a shot, stay away from the Kovy. TPS - Messier or Nash, I believe. Mission - Elias or Rafalski. Koho has a C21 pattern, I believe, that is not the Jagr pattern, but more of a Naslund clone. Check that out and see whether that works. If not, check with on some of the patterns.

EDIT: Oh my, how could I forget - the V20/V40 blades from CCM. Tanks. Try the Lecavalier curve. The RBK 1k blades work okay, you can try the 3k - some of my friends use that for asphalt outdoors - but usually folks stick with the 1K.
thanx for all that info

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