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03-16-2004, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Rabid Ranger
I think the bottom line here is Christine Brennan blows. I can't stand her or the feminista dreck she writes. She's just like any bandwagon jumper who pays attention to the NHL only when it's popular to do so for all the wrong reasons.
I agree 100% with your last sentence ("bandwagon jumper"). Don't agree with the easy political stereotyping of her. IMO, doesn't matter if she is a feminazi or a subservient wife/concubine, it's this particular story that is the issue.

Originally Posted by ehc73
It's probably only because an NHLer wrote in that it was published. Joe Hockey Fan writes in and it's probably dismissed as "another violent supporter of a violent game". Stupid media...
Why is that "stupid"? An NHLer's opinion on this topic should hold a lot more weight than any fan's. It's his profession and he knows the game better than any of us.


Eric Weinrich just made another fan. His ability to articulate his POV, by itself, is noteworthy, in an era where spoiled, egomaniacal, illiterates litter other sports, and reading and writing is an afterthought.

Bravo Eric.

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