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03-16-2004, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Park #2
Well, Messier is going to play his 15 minutes (at a minimum) for the rest of the year. Holik will as well. I'd like to see more of a balance with lundmark (getting around 15) and to see Balej/Lundmark get loads of power play time. You should see no older player on the Rangers over 18 now - barring extreme circumstances. Messier/Holik/Lundmark could all play 16 a game / give or take on a given night. Murray should be around 12-15 a night rather then 9. I would take your lines and switch Hlavac with Murray. I'd like to see them give Balej around 18 per night - let him score some goals in these meaningless games to keep his confidence going at the NHL level.

I really believe, however, that Lundmark is not in the Rangers plans and they could care less about his development. I understand you might say, "Well, then they should play him to showcase him..." however, what if they believe there isn't much to showcase? If you have that mindset, the less he plays, the better. I think it's telling that the Rangers didn't put him on the list of players going to Hartford for the playoffs.
id have no problem switching murray and hlavac, i just wonder how useful hlavac will be without jagr, jagr seems to be the only player he has played with this entire year that has made him look like an nhl player, but murray could really open things up for lundy and jagr at the same time getting icetime with jagr couldnt hurt his game

as for lundmark not going to hartford, i dont get it? it couldnt hurt to let him go down score some goals, possibly win with hartford and get his confidence up... just strange

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