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Originally Posted by windflare View Post
Np. Now that I reread some of your replies, it appears that the 250s aren't holding up well for you. Have you been doing rotations of the inside-outside wheels and also flipping them every now and then? It helps to even and slow down wear, to a certain degree.

I haven't had experiences with the Labeda wheels before, so I can't comment on them, but the consensus best outdoor wheels on MSH is usually the 250s or the World Cups. I've used the Red Stars before as well, and they held up decently, though you have to keep in mind I only weigh 140lbs.

As for your bearings - if they are rusted, I would highly recommend that you get a new set. The Bones Red bearings here are amazing - built exactly as the $70+ Bones Swiss bearings, but made in China instead of Switzerland, and they are just fantastic. Better than any ABEC-9 sets out there, and it's only 30 bucks for a full set. I use these for indoors, but if you are on a minimum budget and don't want to waste 30 bucks on outdoor bearings, go eBay for a set of ABEC-7s.

the way I skate, and the surface I skate on, I honestly don't know if any wheel will really hold up. But all I know is that alsmost every guy on my team uses Labed asphault on the 2 outside wheels and labeda grippers on the 2 inside wheels. my local store didn't have em last night as I mentioned so I got whatever they had left, just to hold me over for a few weeks. However the guys at the shop did clean my bearings for me and they got most of the rust off, so that's a bit of good news there.
I also purchased the rbk 5k inline skates last night on clearnace. I haven't tried them out though cause I wanna switch the wheels before I use em. rinkrat indoors wheels wouldn't last 10 minutes at our rink.

And yes I rotate my wheels after evey game.

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