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Originally Posted by windflare View Post
They should be the same boot with different decor. If you tried on the 5Ks and they are pretty comfy, stick with it for ice. If you want to be sure, email a RBK rep at their site or post a topic at at their ice hockey equipment section. Lots of knowledgeable folks on there.

For folks with wide and flat archs, you could also try out Salming F1s or Kors skates, but Kors are more expensive than RBK 4K skates, and Salmings, while being cheap on closeout on eBay (reliable seller) and being very good skates, have the downside of you not being able to try them out before you get them. They are very good skates though, with some reviews on MSH, but everybody's foot is different.
Thanx for the info. I love my rbk 4k inlines, and so I am hoping the 5k inlines aren't much different. And if my 5k inlines work well, then I will definately try out the ice 5k's. I wonder why rbk skates seem to be the only ones that my foot can fit into with it wanting to fall off.

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