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03-16-2004, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Tom Liodice
Go to a playoff game there. It's not so bad as it looks
Sure, I've been to a P.O. game at the Coliseum, 1990 vs. NYR. I think I urinated in the sink C'mon, I was young......

Seriously, though, I grew up on LI and the Coliseum holds many great memories for me. Went to my first rock concert there. For all the people that want to raze that building I think it's a great place to watch a hockey game. That building shakes when filled to capacity. It has waay better sightlines than MSG. There are some seats in MSG where you can only see the tops of the players heads moving around.
Sure, it's a little long in the tooth but I think only the owners/media want a new Coliseum.
Wait till they build "Nokia Square Garden." Now THAT'S gonna be an awesome building.

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