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Originally Posted by Langway View Post
Agreed. But if Daniel Sernoffsky's report is correct (I'm not overly familiar with him) then the Caps may indeed be looking to keep eight defensemen.

That's a little hard to believe considering that likely means keeping Boumedienne over a guy like Bradley, Laich or Clymer. Only keeping 13 forwards also makes it less likely that Steckel makes the cut.
Dan S is a beat writer for the Bears, but his accuracy on reporting so called facts is not always the greatest. It could be what Yingst or Boudreau said they think might happen, but while the 8 d to start is a possibility, especially when one looks at the roster, I wonder if a day or two ago they knew whether it would be 14/7 vs 13/8.

By the way, Comcast had a clip of the first goal against, you were correct, Pollock and Boumedienne were on the ice.

I agree Boumedienne hasn't done much to stand out in a positive way during the 3 preseason games, with the note that he was paired with Pollock in 2 of the games. I am thinking about McPhee's off-season comments about signing Boumer to a one year, low salary contract being low risk. Do they keep 8 to start, a possibility, but if he is outplayed or they don't want the issues related to 8D, he may be the odd man out.

If they keep 8, Chimaera's combos sound likely to start the season.

Back to the speculation about trading Eminger, are there any teams in need/have room for a d-man like Eminger due to preseason injuries? Also, plenty of internet speculation about trading Eminger for the last year, but who knows what the org. is thinking.

Should be interesting to see the D pairings in these last 2 games.

edit: my opinions about Green's situation are in the Green thread.

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