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09-28-2007, 07:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Foy View Post
I just see too much talent on TB for the Caps to leapfrog them. Carolina can be good if they stay healthy. Atlanta was already falling apart last year before they got some rentals to keep them going, and I think Florida is worse than they were last year.

1. TB
2. Carolina
3. Washington
4. Atlanta
5. Florida
Why? Because they upgraded their goaltending?

I think every team other than Tampa Bay will be better. Carlolina's last season was a fluke, they will play better this season. Florida is just like the Caps IMO, very good young talent that will keep getting better. Atlanta wasn't as good as people thought they were at the start of last season (Tarik saying they were a cup contender was a joke), but at the same time they are not as bad as people are saying they were at the end of last season. Tampa Bay is IMO stuck in neutral right now, they aren't getting better and they aren't getting worse.

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