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09-29-2007, 07:09 PM
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Inline Skate Help

Well i bought a pair of inline skates about 6 months ago for my inline high school league. I had trouble skating as i wore the skates in because they became too big. When i first tried them on they felt nice but then it went downhill. I have a ton of space on both sides of my feet, and I always end up skating on the inside edge, which in turn bends/loosens my chasis. I have horrible balance because they are too big and can't get up to speed without feeling like im gonna fall out of control. now my ice skates are awesome and I love them. Its alot nicer and I dont want to take the boots and switch because I play ice aswell. But I also just signed up for a new inline league and we had our first game and I still had the problem while wearing 3 pairs of sox. Is there anything I can add to my skates, maybe soles or something i can put in to have them "fit".

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