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03-17-2004, 10:02 AM
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Nothing compares to the Habs/Nords battles of days gone by. Part of me was almost happy to see the Nords go, as I though having two teams in the province was going to hurt the future of the habs. Let's face it, if even 40% of the hockey fan population of Quebec was/would still be Nords fans that is alot of money NOT being given to the habs in merchandising, could hurt TV deals, etc. Bottom would mean less hab fans, and a less stable enviroment for the habs. Also it changed the way the habs did business, and I didn't like that. In the '85 draft we made trades to get the 12th overall pick just so we could select Jose Charbonneau and keep him away from the Nords. Mistakes happen when you use that kind of thinking. For these reasons I was kind of happy when the Nords left.

As for the strictly hockey part I was sad though. I loved the rivalary and I liked having another team in Canada in a city where fans truely deserved NHL hockey (ditto to Winnipeg....awesome hockey fans in Winnipeg). Colorado already had a tema and didn't support it.

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