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09-30-2007, 05:09 PM
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My First League Game is TONIGHT!

Well, the time has come! Tonight is my first league game for the C2 division(the lowest) at my local rink. I've played nothing but open hockey since I started playing which is about 10 months ago. I've played twice a week religiously, sometimes 3 times a week with a private session sprinkled throughout every now and then. (They're expensive.)

I'm really really jacked to play, mainly for two reasons, one, I get to play with people my own skill level, two, a league game from what I can tell is way more intense and competitive then open hockey.

I've watched a couple of the league games and I feel pretty confident because last week we had a scrimmage against C1 and B players(both higher divisions) and I held my own pretty well. I had a lot of takeaways but they just didn't go my way on the scoresheet.

My goal is to not stay in the C2, I want to continually get better and hopefully in a few years, go after the B league which is pretty competitive at my rink.

Tonight, I just hope I don't hold my stick too tightly and play a good team game while scoring a goal would be quite the icing on the cake.

Anybody have any other stories they would like to share?

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