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09-30-2007, 05:58 PM
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my .02

On the defensive side of the ice: in your own zone you are pretty much the 3rd defenseman. It's up to you to identify mismatches either in front of the net or in the corners and pick up the slack. Like FGman said communication with your D is critical and it should always be clear who has the corners and who has the slot/net area covered.

Breaking out: make sure you are as LOW in your own zone as possible when breaking out. you want to make sure the D have an easy target to hit if they get into trouble and getting down low really helps them out both with D and the breakout. Also, be sure to know which side your D is breaking out on, as once they make the 1st pass to the have to get there right away. The D usually pinches up on the wingers in your own zone so its important to be close to them to create a mismatch and push the puck up.

It was said before that the Center's primary job is to control the puck and control the play...IMO that starts with the breakout and that starts with you being speedy enough to get to your players and offer support.

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