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09-30-2007, 08:18 PM
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I use black sticky tape on my blade. First I tape the bottom of the stick length wise from the heel up the toe and back about an inch. Then I tape the blade from heal to toe so the overlapping ridges grip the puck. After I smooth out the tape I use stick wax all over the front, back and bottom and melt it in with either a heat gun or a lighter then smooth the wax out all over the blade using my finger so it gets a nice even coat.

For the handle I use white tape, with a small knob at the end and tape down about 6 inches or so. After I'm done with the handle I use whatever type of white powder I have, (Baby powder sometimes I've used gold bond and it works fine) to coat the handle so it isn't sticky.

another thing I do to avoid lumps in the tape is every time it looks like it will lump I make a small slit in the tape with scissors and smooth it out.

It's normal for me to spend 20 minutes taping a stick sometimes, but my tape jobs last a really long time and it feels good to me.

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