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10-01-2007, 01:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Beauty, eh? View Post
And before you flame me with your "it's only 2 games!" crap, let me explain -

Labarbera is not an NHL goaltender. He is not capable of performing as a number one goaltender night in and night out against the best competition in the world. It should be of no surprise that he performs admirably in the AHL, where the game isn't as fast as it is in the NHL.

His lateral movement is terrible. He is extremely slow going post to post. He tends to fall on his stomach in scrambles and therefore leaves himself way out of position and unable to recover for rebounds. He is a big guy, but somehow makes himself small in net (mostly by being too deep in his net).

I have been saying this guy isn't the answer to the Kings' problems in net since he played his first pre-season game for us and it became more clear to me than ever today where once again, every single shot against him had myself and the 6 other people watching the game with me thinking he was going to be scored on. Every Single Shot. And if fans feel that way about him, imagine how his team feels.

Bottom line - he's an AHL Goaltender at best. 'Nuff said.

Would you rather have Cloutier back?

He is a #1. Besides, it's only two games that were played half way around the world.

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