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03-17-2004, 02:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Sonik
Strange that Carlos Delgado didn't make their list.

(ok ok, I stole the joke, but it's still funny!)
Hey that`s my joke

TSN really has hit a new low, there coverage of all things Toronto is pathetic. When Leetch and Francis were traded to Toronto that`s all TSN covered for about a week. Kovalev to the Habs, Simon to calgary, Nedved to Edmonton. Yeah they all got minor coverage but nothing to the extent of the Toronto trades. I can`t wait to see Toronto go out in the first round of the playoffs. And hopefully it`s the Habs that take em out. Toronto fans are kidding themselves if they think this team is going to bring em a cup. A good number of there players would be able to order off the seniors menu at Perkins.

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