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03-17-2004, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by L.I.RangerFan
Why is he a little brat for standing by HIS PRINCIPALS. He was lowballed. Just like the rookie salary cap was put in place so rookies didn't break the bank, they should also be treated according to their drafted position. If he was good enough to be drafted in the 1st round then his pay should be even with that ranking.

Bottom line is that Burke knew he had an advantage over him and believing the kid would break and want to play hockey he lowballed him. But RJ stood by his principals and didn't break. Sounds like a determined kid not a spoiled brat.
The rookie salary cap was put in place to deter rookies from asking for huge amounts of money and then not turning out.

Do you know percentage of first round players that make it to the NHL? Think about the percentage of first rounders to even fulfill half their potential, let alone all of it - it's not very big.

If you don't have the salary cap there, a kid like Patrik Stefan asks for 4.5 million a year and scores 60 points in his first three years of hockey. Imagine what a Ovechkin or Crosby would be "worth" if it were not for this salary cap and there are certainly no guarantees that either of these kids are going to pan out.

You can't give huge money to kids that are anything but guarantees - it just doesn't show financial responsibility on the leagues behalf. They may have got everything else wrong but they certainly got this right.

Umberger scored 58 goals through 3 seasons of NCAA hockey, that's NCAA hockey. If I'm going to give the kid 1.185 million he's got to show me something. If there were questions about his attitude and work ethic before the draft and then rejects Vancouvers first offer (which was reasonable) of course Burke is going to bust his nuts. If you bust Burke he'll bust you right back, and twice as hard.

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