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03-17-2004, 03:24 PM
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Don't get me wrong here and I think, maybe, some of you have. I'm not saying that Umberger doesn't deserve to be payed that amount of money because from all accounts I think that he's going to be a great player. I believe that this entire discussion as to whether he'll be signed, or not, will all be over in a matter of time.

However, I'm just defending the stance of NHL GM's in that every young player thinks he's going to be a star and thinks he's going to make it. Money is on a tight string in Vancouver. It was Burke's choice in whether he wanted to pay the kid that much and he probably figured that he could get the kid for less if Umberger hired an agent, thus forfeiting his year at OSU. He's got two of the best forwards in the league playing for less than 6 million a year. He's going to try and get the best bang for his buck out of all of his players and that's what has made him successful in Vancouver.

This entire argument is based on assumption in that some think the offer was low. The fact is no one really knows what the offer is or was and that makes this kind of ridiculous.

Umberger has the power to take all of this discussion and toss it aside by proving that his attitude is what he says it is. Hard work will solve any problem and this might just be what he needs to have a great start to his career. Nothing like a little motivation.

As far as draft picks go...just because the salary cap states the maximum wage at $1.185.000 for a kid drafted in 2002 doesn't mean he HAS to be paid in that amount. It's just a maximum figure, regardless of whether his peers are being paid that or not. It takes a lot of guts to admit that you made a mistake or to admit that you can't afford to pay a player that amount. Perhaps that is what Brian did and by trading him he salvaged the best of an ugly situation.

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