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03-17-2004, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by OpinionatedMike
I'm sorry, but from what I've seen in this thread as much as it's a joke, it's also just as serious.

Explain to me how they have the time to really debate and discuss this, on top of that, I read on here that anyone wearing the Leaf jersey would then get out of paying the fine with a canned food donation. That's a nice idea but it's discrimination, maybe not on the highest level, but it's still a bad trend for, of all people, the goverment to start.

What if a single mother living in Ottawa has a Leaf fan for a son, and she saves up and get him tickets to a Leafs/Sens game, then when she shows up at the arena is told that her son must remove his sweater or pay a fine of canned goods, now lets assume that the mother didn't happen to have a can of soup in her purse, then what? Does she get kicked out? Does she have to pay a fine? If she has to pay something, how much does she have to pay?

It's not the message to the 20 year old whose going to show up to cause trouble, it's the message to the 6 year old who is now shunned by his friends because he wore a Leaf jersey to school and his friends are Sens fans...
Holy crap, they're not going to make anyone take their jersey off, kick anyone out or make anyone pay fines or give any food. You don't want to donate, walk through the door.

It's dumb and council CERTAINLY should be worrying about more pressing matters, but they're not going to eat anyone's babies.

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