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10-01-2007, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Beauty, eh? View Post
at the same time I'll be glad knowing that myself and few others pointed this out early and got shelled for it.
'Cause that's what it's about. Being first on the "I told you this guy sucked" train.

The thread seems to be you and the "they suck" regulars saying "he's terrible" and the overwhelming majority saying "it's too early to tell, but JLB and the team looked bad in one game". I would agree with you/Tad/Tikk that he looked bad on Sunday. He may very well have a poor year, but most people aren't willing to write him off as easily as you are after one regular season game. Fwiw, I still see his upside as a 40 game NHL starter who can go 25-15. Can he do that this year? Time will tell.

Frolov seemed to struggle a bit in camp and in game action as well, but there aren't any reactionary threads calling for his flogging.

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