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10-01-2007, 02:28 PM
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Originally posted by Tikkanen
He reminds me a lot of Jamie Storr. He appears to be weak mentally and gives up soft goals. The thing that I believe is the key indicator that he is not an NHL goalie is his ability to stop and cover the 1st shot. The puck seems to bounce all over the place once it hits him which is a very bad sign and will force the dmen to scramble. For those of you who play hockey you know you want a guy that is smooth, calm and stops the shots. LaBarbera is not that guy. A stud in the AHL and a dud in the NHL. Bernier on the other hand can do everything LaBarbera cannot. Calm, smooth, good lateral movement and controls the 1st shot.
Agree with the Storr comparison. Another guy that who thought the job was his no matter what.

Look, I know Labs is capable of more and some seem to think this is his first game. He's had a couple of preseason games to show what he's got and imo he hasn't shown the desire to be the #1 guy. Especially when it was pretty much handed to him. Wouldn't the preseason games be the time to outplay a goalie coming off an injury, a journeyman goalie, a European goalie and a 19 yr old goalie?

The excuse for Storr was he didn't have the defense in front of him as Potvin. I remember a lot of people saying that. Now it is Labs didn't have the defense play as hard for him as they did for Bernier.

There is a big difference between a calm and cool goalie than a flopping and panicky goalie. The defense/team knows what they are getting between the 2 goalies and they play accordingly. Just sayin'.

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